Model Number: CMB1C, CMB4C
To make installation faster and easier for our installers, Darfon’s ComBox prewires the Data Logger and PLC Box into a junction box that is simple to install. ComBox 1C is for one circuit PV systems, whereas, ComBox 4C is for larger installations with up to 4 PV circuits. With ComBox 1C, you just need to bring the grid tie and PV conductors into the box and land them on the quick connect terminals. With ComBox 4C, you will need to install the circuit breakers you need, then land the PV and grid tie conductors. Utilizing the 1C and 4C ComBoxes, you have all the advantages of separating the PLC communications from the noisy house circuitry without the complicated wiring.
  • Model
    ComBox 1C
    ComBox 4C
    Number of Circuits
    Up to 4
    Current per Circuit
    Number of G320 (240V, 1.25A)
    Up to 19
    Up to 76
    Number of G640 (240V, 2.5A)
    Up to 9
    Up to 36
    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    305x254x203mm (12x10x8in)
    305x356x203mm (12x14x8in)
    3.7kg (8.2 lb)
    5.7kg (12.6 lb)
    Field Size Wiring (Class 1)
    10-18 AWG, 600V
    10-18 AWG, 600V
    Integrated Monitoring Hardware
    Data Logger & PLC Box
    Data Logger & PLC Box
    Enclosure Material/NEMA Rating
    Non-metallic/Type 4X
    Non-metallic/Type 4X
    Enclosure Short Circuit Rating
*All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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