HBB3000 Hybrid Inverter

Model Number: HBB3000
The Darfon hybrid energy system supports output up to 3000W. With customizable settings, the user is able to control where the system receives power from and where to send it to: the home, the battery and/or the grid. Not available in the United States.
  • Net Metering
  • Customizable Settings
    Configure priorities for power input/output
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Displays Battery Status
    Shows battery functionality
  • Maximized Energy Production
    MPPT ensures maximum production from PV modules

Pure Versus Modified Sine Wave
  • Pure sine wave inverters produce clean, stable energy
  • Modified sine waves reduce the energy efficiency of motors and transformers by 10 to 20%
  • Wasted energy from modified sine waves cause abnormal heat which reduces the reliability and longevity of devices
  • Some appliances will not produce full output if they don't use a pure sine wave current
Rated Power 3000W
Input data (DC)
Maximum Power 3200W
Nominal / Maximum Voltage 360 / 500 VDC
Minimum Start Voltage 160 VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 250 - 450 VDC
Maximum Input Current 13A
Grid Input (AC)
Nominal Voltage / Range 208, 220, 230, 240 / 184 ~ 265 VAC
Frequency / Range 50/47.5~51.5 or 60/59.3~60.5 (Auto Detect)
System Output (AC)
Nominal Output Voltage 208, 220, 230, 240VAC
Surge Power 6000VA
Efficiency (PV to AC) 96%
Efficiency (Battery to AC) 92%
Nominal Output Current 13.1A
Power Factor >0.99
Transfer Time <15 ms
Pure Sine Wave Yes
Grid Output (AC)
Nominal Output Voltage 208V, 220V, 230, 240 VAC
Max Feeding Power 3000W
Output Voltage Range 184~264.5VAC (±3%)
Max Output Current 13.6A
Feed-In / Connection Phases 1 / 1
Battery Charger
Battery Voltage 48 VDC
Floating Charge Voltage 54VDC ± 0.5V
Overcharge Protection 59 VDC
Maximum Charging Current 25A
Mechanical Data
Humidity 0-90% RH (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Dimension (W x H x D) 17.1 x 20.0 x 4.8 in (435.4 X 507.3 X 121.3 mm)
Weight 34.1 lbs (15.5 kg)
Enclosure Rating IP20
Communication Port RS-232/USB
*All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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