ACRak 320 Solution

Model Number: ACRak 320
ACRak® is the next evolution in microinverter installations. With Darfon G320 microinverters preassembled onto IronRidge XR rails, ACRak 320 is an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box solution that saves time and money. The cabling and microinverters are pre-mounted onto rails that are pre-cut into manageable sections that can be easily connected with locking cable connectors and XR100 splices. Now, building a solar array is as simple as mounting and grounding rails, connecting sections and mounting the panels of your choice.
Plug-N-Play Design
  • Pre-assembled into an all-in-one flat-pack
  • Easily snaps together with locking connectors
Flexible PV Array Design
  • Pre-cut into manageable sections to accommodate
    variety of PV array layouts
  • Compatible with high-powered 60- and 72-cell modules
  • Up to 12 microinverters per 20A circuit
Improved Safety
  • Low DC voltage ensures installer and fire safety
  • Satisfies rapid shutdown requirements
  • Reduces the amount of time required on the roof
Package Options
1P: Microinverter, cabling and racking for a single PV panel.
4P: Microinverters, cabling and racking for 4 PV panels. Rails are pre-cut into 2-panel sections for modularity.
24P: Microinverters, cabling and racking for 24 PV panels. Rails are pre-cut into 2-panel sections for modularity.
Combining/Dividing Packages
Because each package consists of modular pieces, packages can be combined or divided to satisfy a variety of PV system designs.

Examples of package utilization:
  • PV system with two rows of seven panels can be accomplished with two 1P and three 4P package options.
  • The 24P package option can be divided and used for multiple PV systems, such as, two 12-panel PV systems or a 10-panel and 14-panel PV system.
G320 Product Information
IronRidge XR100 Product Information
*All specifications are subject to change without notice.
G320 Brochure
ACRak 320 Brochure
ACRak 320 Installation Manual
G320 + 1T Cable Installation Manual
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