Darfon Introduces New Versatile Micro Inverters

The Darfon MIG320 and MIG660 offer flexibility and reliability for high-powered solar installations
MIG320 & MIG660 Product Images
ANAHEIM, CA – September 15, 2015 – Darfon America Corp. introduced its 3rd generation micro inverters, the MIG320 and MIG660. These new micro inverters create the ultimate economical solution that is flexible enough to be installed in either residential or commercial environments.

The MIG320 and MIG660 can handle PV modules up to 350W with no or minimal clipping and can be configured using standard trunk or daisy chain cables. Highly reliable, the MIG320/MIG660 family is engineered to continue running at a slightly lower efficiency should a capacitor goes bad, rather than just stopping production entirely.

The MIG660 is a dual micro inverter with a cost-per-watt of a string inverter. And with just one AC connector, it reduces the chance of connector based problems.

MIG320/MIG660 Features
  • High survivability capacitor design
  • Multiple voltage and phase configurations
  • Cable configuration up to the installer
  • Integrated grounding eliminates the need for additional GEC
  • Superior power factor > 0.99 and THD < 2%
  • < 20mW night-time consumption per module
  • Compatible with high-powered 60- and 72-cell modules
  • No Rapid Shutdown required
  • Fully potted design for better heat dissipation

Benefits to the Homeowner
  • Increased reliability and longevity with innovative capacitor design
  • One MPPT per module so debris/shading does not impact energy production for the entire PV array
  • Excellent power production due to high conversion and MPPT efficiencies
  • Low installation cost; with material cost comparable to a string inverter and lower labor cost than a standard micro inverter
  • Data monitoring system comes with free cloud-based module-level monitoring

Benefits to the Installer
  • Low cost-per-watt for more competitive system pricing
  • Increased reliability and longevity with innovative capacitor design
  • Flexibility in system design with multiple voltage, phase, communication and cable configurations
  • Consistent communication between the micro inverter and the Data Logger

The Darfon MIG320 and MIG660 are available starting in Q1 2016 through authorized distributors.

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