Darfon believes in supporting all its partners to achieve their goals/vision. If you are interested in building a partnership with Darfon, please contact your Darfon representative.

Moore Energy
Moore Energy is a premier renewable energy firm specializing in solar photovoltaic power systems for residential, farms, public schools, military bases, and municipal government properties. We are the single source for our customers providing the design, cost/benefit analysis, installation, and maintenance for systems. Moore Energy is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service. All of our systems are professionally installed and fully tested by trained technicians.  Moore Energy has continuously ranked in the Top 500 Solar Contractors in the U.S. since 2014.
World Technology
World Technology is an innovative leader in export management and international business development, providing US, Asian and European companies with a full service alternative to staffing their own export department or international operations. Since 1991, our team has been building world-class international distribution for leading edge high-tech companies within the cleantech industry that have a global competitive advantage. Some of today’s top brands have gone global with our team.
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