Why Darfon Micro Inverters?

With the ability to have up to 23 Darfon micro inverter in a single PV array and the use of standard cabling, the design and installation of the PV array is less restrictive and simpler. Darfon micro inverters are both designed and manufactured in-house, making it possible for us to offer reliable, high quality products at the best value.

PV Monitoring System

The Darfon monitoring system is installed along with the PV modules and the micro inverter. With the Darfon monitoring system, the performance of each module in the PV array can be monitored. This provides users/installers with detailed real-time information that can be used to pinpoint the location of performance issues and provide guidance for maintenance, ensuring the solar system's performance is optimized over the lifetime of the installation.

Accessibility from Mobile Devices

Our enhanced data monitoring system provides real time information for each inverter/panel. The monitoring system auto-detects each micro inverter installed making setup simple and easy. With this cloud-based system, each panel can be examined so potential issues can be located and resolved.
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