Residential Solar Installations

Darfon microinverters have many advantages in residential solar installations. Its solutions are designed to maximize performance, reliability and transparency.

Benefits to the Homeowner
Maximized Energy Production
With module-level MPPT, microinverters limit the impact of shading on the array's power production. This means each solar panel is able to perform at peak levels, maximizing the array’s total harvest.
Darfon, confident in the design of its microinverters, offers a 25-year limited warranty*. The G320, its 3rd generation microinverter, has a redundancy capacitor design, which allows the microinverter to continue at near full output even if some electrolytic capacitors fail over time.
Scalability for Future Expansion
Residential solar systems are limited by space, budget and need. A Darfon microinverter system can easily be expanded. Homeowners can simply add additional panels and Darfon microinverters without redesigning/replacing the entire system, unlike string inverter systems.
Advanced Monitoring System
Homeowners can easily check their solar energy production and the performance of each individual panel through Darfon’s cloud-based solution or localized portal. No subscription fee is required to access Darfon’s cloud-based solution which includes a web portal, as well as, mobile apps for Android® and iOS®.
Benefits to the Installer
Improved Safety
Darfon microinverters meet rapid shutdown requirements and connect to standard AC trunk cabling, eliminating the need of high voltage DC wiring that can carry up to 600V even without grid connection.
System Design Flexibility
There is high degree of flexibility in designing and sizing PV systems when using Darfon microinverters. A 30A branch circuit can have up to 23 MIG300s or 19 G320s installed. Even cabling type to be installed with the G320 microinverter can be decided by the installer.
Simplified Installation
Darfon microinverters use standard AC trunk cabling that is easy to install and connect. The G320 and MIG300 have integrated grounding so there is no need for GEC. Darfon’s ACRak takes it a step further by pre-installing microinverters and AC cabling onto precut rails, making installation a snap.
Cloud-Based Monitoring System
Darfon microinverters are auto-detected by the system, making setup on the cloud monitoring portal simple. The monitoring system provides data for each inverter/panel, which makes it easier to locate potential issues and is accessible through a web portal, as well as, Android® and iOS® mobile apps.
*25-year warranty applies to installations in the United States. For warranty terms in other countries, contact your local Darfon sales representation.
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